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About TR

Multi-award winning global manufacturer and distributor of industrial fastenings and associated components. Est. 1973

TR Fastenings is a market leading global manufacturer and logistics distributor of industrial fastenings and high volume category C assembly components.

TR is a ‘full service provider’ giving End-2-End support to our customers, work with them from the early engineering & design stage right through to specification, manufacturing, quality and logistics.

Our worldwide operations span the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, India and the USA.

We have an annual output of 5 billion components to over 5000 customers in sectors including automotive, electronics & telecoms, general industrial, marine, home appliance and distributor sales.

General Information

TR Fastenings manufactures 33% of all components it sells. Our own brand products include Hank® rivet bushes, Hank® self clinch fasteners, screws for plastic, blind rivet nuts, Binx® self-locking nuts and security fasteners.

Our product range includes: general fasteners, sheet metal fasteners, fasteners for plastic, micro-diameter from M0.6, plastic fasteners, security fasteners, stainless steel & brass fasteners, adhesives & sealants and more. 

Important Milestones  

1973 TR Fastenings Ltd. established by Mike Timms and Mike Roberts.  

1976 First UK Manufacturing facility established and the 'Hank' name purchased.  

1982 Acquired the rights to the BINX Nut.  

1982-1992 Sites set up in Belfast, Scotland, Manchester, Newcastle, Wales and Cambridge.  

1992 Introduced Vendor Managed Inventory into the fastenings industry  

1993 Acquired Fastener Techniques.  

1994 Acquired Southern Fasteners (Southern Ireland)  

1994 Obtained a full listing on the LSE.  

1996 Acquired Magne Bjorlo (Norway).  

1996 Acquired Samson Industries (USA).  

1996 Acquired Microscrew Technologies.  

1997 Acquired Formac Manufacturing (Singapore).  

1997 Set up a greenfield distribution site in France. (UK).  

1998 Acquired Miller Holdings (Holland).  

1998 Acquired Lancaster Fasteners (UK).  

1998 Acquired Polyfasteners (Malaysia). 

1999 Acquired FCF (Sweden).  

2000 Set up a greenfield distribution site in Hungary.  

2001 Acquired SFE Manufacturing (Taiwan).  

2002 Set up a greenfield distribution site in China.  

2003 Acquired the globally recognised tradename of Pozidriv.  

2005 Acquired Serco Ryan (UK).  

2006 Set up a greenfield manufacturing site in China. 

2009 Malcolm Diamond MBE & Jim Barker return from retirement as Executive Chairman and CEO.

2011 Acquired Power Steel and Electro-Plating Works Sdn. Bhd (Malaysia)

2013 Celebrates 40th Anniversary

2014 Acquired Viterie Italia Centrale Srl (Italy)

2015 Acquired Kuhlmann Befestigungselemente GmbH & Co. KG Germany (“Kuhlmann”)