Fasteners are in the driving seat

Plastic fasteners are the perfect solution for the Atom 3.5 British sports car.

Where a fastener is needed to be versatile, light and yet strong, plastic is often the optimal solution. A case in point is the automotive sector, where the latest trend is for light-weighting; a lighter car uses less fuel, is more economic and more environmentally friendly. For Ariel Motor Company (, however, the innovative British firm which manufacturers the high-speed Atom sports car, lightweighting is also about performance.

With race car dynamics and 0-100kph acceleration in less than three seconds, form follows function and every component in the Atom has to be fit for purpose. This is why Ariel Motor Company chose TR Fastenings

When designing its new Atom 3.5, the fastest lightweight sports car available today, Ariel wanted to find ways to help take more weight out of the vehicle’s structure. Global manufacturer and distributor TR Fastenings was able to provide an ideal solution, as Kevin Rogers, TR Fastenings’ product sales manager (Plastics), explained: “The Atom is designed with a unique open structure based on frames. No roof, no windows, just a tubular chassis, which means everything is on show. Our UL approved cable ties provided a low-cost, aesthetically pleasing insight into the car’s method of construction, at the same time providing a weather and oil resistant fastener that will stand the test of time. Our stringent quality requirements from trusted vendors were endorsed by Ariel’s production managers, who claim that while previous parts have failed in many areas, TR Fastenings’ products never give cause for concern.”

Simon Saunders, director of Ariel Motor Company, said of the TR Fastenings’ plastic fasteners and cable ties: “They slot discreetly within the infrastructure and have proved themselves more than capable of coping with the demands of this vehicle.”

Ariel Motor Company can create a bespoke vehicle specific to individual customer needs. TR Fastenings has been working alongside Ariel and has been able to provide suitable fasteners for various options and add-ons. Rogers said: “We are currently sampling a new plastic clip, bespoke for this application to hold in place a liquid vessel and prevent it from moving, and the fact we found an off-the-shelf TR part perfect for this function, means Ariel can react fast to new designs, without tooling and expensive metal alternatives. We are working on alternatives across the Atom to suggest areas where plastic parts can be substituted to make even further weight and cost savings.”

“We have been extremely impressed by the quality of TR Fastenings’ plastic fasteners and cable ties,” commented Simon Saunders, director of Ariel Motor Company.

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