General Fastener Standards - ISO Order

Note: The following table is provided for guidance only as there are  often dimensional variations between standards.

ISO10642DIN7991BS4168Hex Socket Countersunk
ISO1207DIN84BS4183Cheese Slotted machine screw
ISO1481CDIN7971CBS4174ABSelf tapping pan slotted pointed
ISO1481FDIN7971FBS4174 BSelf tapping pan slotted  blunt
ISO1482CDIN7972CBS4174ABSelf tapping csk slotted pointed
ISO1482FDIN7972FBS4174 BSelf tapping csk slotted  blunt
ISO1483CDIN7983CBS4174ABSelf tapping raised csk slotted pointed
ISO1580DIN85BS4183Pan slotted machine screw
ISO2009DIN963BS4183Countersunk slotted machine screw
ISO2010DIN964BS4183Raised Csk Slotted machine screw
ISO4014DIN931BS3692Hexagon head bolt - part threaded
ISO4017DIN933BS3692Hexagon head setscrew – fully threaded
ISO4026DIN913BS EN ISO4026Hex Socket Setscrew Flat point
ISO4027DIN914BS EN ISO4027Hex Socket Setscrew Cone point
ISO4028DIN915BS EN ISO4028Hex Socket Setscrew Dog point
ISO4029DIN916BS EN ISO4029Hex Socket Setscrew Plain Cup point
ISO4032DIN934BS3692Hexagon Full Nut
ISO4035DIN439/936BS3692Hexagon Lock Nut
ISO4161DIN6923N/AHexagon Flange Nut
ISO4762DIN912BS4168Hex Socket Cap
ISO7045DIN7985BS4183Pan recess machine screw
ISO7046DIN965BS4183Countersunk recess machine screw
ISO7047DIN966BS4183Raised Csk Recess machine screw
ISO7049CHDIN7981CHN/ASelf tapping pan Phillips pointed
ISO7049CZDIN7981CZBS4174 ABSelf tapping pan recess pointed
ISO7049FHDIN7981FHN/ASelf tapping pan phillips blunt
ISO7049FZDIN7981FZBS4174 BSelf tapping pan recess blunt
ISO7050CHDIN7982CHN/ASelf tapping csk Phillips pointed
ISO7050CZDIN7982CZBS4174 ABSelf tapping csk recess pointed
ISO7050FZDIN7982FZBS4174 BSelf tapping csk recess blunt
ISO7051CHDIN7983CHN/ASelf tapping raised csk Phillips pointed
ISO7051CZDIN7983CZBS4174 ABSelf tapping raised csk recess pointed
ISO7380N/ABS4168Hex Socket Button
N/ADIN127BS4464BRectangular sect. single coil spring washer
N/ADIN6797AN/AToothed lock washer – external
N/ADIN6797JN/AToothed lock washer – internal
N/ADIN7980BS4464ASquare sect. single coil spring washer
N/ADIN928N/ASquare Weld Nut
N/ADIN929N/AHexagon Weld Nut
N/AN/ABS4174 ABSelf tapping Flange recess pointed
N/AN/ABS4174 BSelf tapping Flange recess blunt

Note: Due to the fact that fastening applications differ greatly, the above information is for guidance only and is correct to the best of our knowledge. The customer must satisfy themselves with the performance of the fastener and validity of the data. TR Fastenings will not be held responsible for any failure that may occur from the use of this information.