Haeger® 516 Plus

Safe, Dependable, Versatile, Affordable!

Features & Benefits:

A: Fully Hydraulic System

The 516 is extremely accurate and allows the operator to apply full tonnage at any point in the stroke. This allows the use of any tooling length and thus the ability to fit nearly any shaped work piece in the machine.

B: Low Energy Use

The single phase hydraulic system of the 516 machine uses approximately 50% less energy than air or air-over-oil systems making it less expensive to operate.

C: Operator Safety System

Haeger’s patented Safety System is effective at any point in the ram stroke irrespective of the tooling length, requiring no set up by the operator, and therefore not affecting initial machine set up time.

D: J-Frame Attachment

Allows the insertion of up to M5 nuts, studs and standoffs under return flanges.

E: Integrated Tooling Storage

Storage for up to 50 manual tools with the J-Frame and Square Tip Tool Holders.

F: Additional Storage Space

Storage capacity for Clinching Tooling and other accessories

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