Haeger® 824 WindowTouch 4e

Easier and faster in operation. More reliable fastener feeding and more workpiece accessibility than ever available before on the market!

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Features & Benefits:

A. Clearance Accessibility and New Software

New and improved easy to use software.

More arm space, 200 mm more access onlower support arm, matches HP-6 model.

Turret star design and removable arms allow for access to U-shaped profiles and preformed work pieces.

TIS position feedback and auto lock for full process control.

B. New Tooling Design and Manufacturing Process w/Specialty Engineering

Unmatched selection of standard tooling for both inch and metric hardware.

In-house capability to engineer and manufacturer manual and auto tooling for any fastener.

C. Auto Feed System

New MAS 350 -- Modular Auto Feed System with Quick Mount tooling. Makes tool changeover quicker and easier.

No more Manual bowl setting. The new software now auto sets bowl vibration and air eject time for failure free fastener insertion.

Larger Capacity Bowl design increases fastener range from M1.5 to M10mm with a maximum length of 40mm and all in the same bowl.

New MAS 350 is mounted lower for easier access.

New drive system on the MAS 350 allows for a totally new designed Quick Mount tooling for faster tool change.

D. Increased Accessibility Increased Ergonomics

More space and clearance increase for workflow accessibility.

New Articulating Arm with computer for better operator ergonomics.

E. Integrated Tool Storage Cabinet

Built-in Tool Storage for easy accessibility and quick tool retrieval.

Tools are now organized, which maximizes tool life and no more lost tools.

F. Tooling and Tool Change Over

New Quick Disconnect Multi-Shuttle and Turret System.

Easier and faster tooling set up and retrieval.

Feed 40+ fasteners a minute.

Includes 1-piece quick mount tooling module with quick release mounting.


Automatic Bottom Feed Tool

J-Frame in combination with 24” (610mm) throat depth.

Change over from automatic top feeding to J Frame within seconds.

J-Frame allows for insertion under and up to 1mm from bend and workes for preformed work pieces.

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