Haeger® High speed 840 WindowTouch 

Compterised, extended throat machine for larger panels

Doubles the ram speed of earlier models giving you the productivity edge with either shuttle style or bottom-feed tooling

Fully redesigned hydraulic system offers precision force control and whisper-quiet operation

Low energy usage; Haeger's hydraulic machines use around 40% of the energy of competing pneumatic or air-over-oil systems

Haeger's Pentium Touchscreen PC and InsertionLogic software deliver Batch Counter, Tooling Protection System, and Dwell Timer as standard features at no extra cost. Plus an extensive fastener and tooling library for your convenience

8 tons (63 kN) of ram force and 39.4" (1000 mm) throat depth for your largest panels

4-inch thick C-frame virtually eliminates deflection

Fully hydraulic; PLC controls

Includes Haeger's conductive/non-conductive safety system, Positive Stop Cylinder, and Dwell Timer

Shown with optional MAS-14 Autofeed system 

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Part numberPart Number
W-Haeger 840 WindowTouchHaeger 840 WindowTouch