TR Hank® Self-Clinch heavy duty studs for thin sheets - Metric

Materials and finishes:

TR-HFE - Heat treated carbon steel with zinc and clear finish

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Dimension data
Metric Dimensions
ThreadM5 x 0.8M6 x 1.0M8 x 1.25
D +/-0.259.6011.3515.30
H Max2.602.803.30
B Max1.351.522.13
Min sheet thickness1.001.001.50
Hole in sheet +0.13 / -0,
Min dist. from hole C/C to edge of sheet10.0011.5014.50
Further information
Performance Data
ThreadMax nut tightening torque (Nm)Test sheet thickness (CRS)Installation (kN)Pushout (N)Torque out (Nm)Tensile Strength (kN)Pull thru' (kN)Bushing hole size for pull thru'
M5 x 0.84.401.0051.1013508.1012.8010.607.40
M6 x
M8 x 1.2521.701.5071.1240033.9032.9027.5010.30
Preferred range
Preferred Range
Thread length +/- p.40 M5 x 8.0M6 x 1.0M8 x 1.25
18 HFE 
35  HFE
40  HFE

Please note: Maximum sheet hardness - 85HRB

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