After the Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami, TR Fastenings addresses the question - Are your supply lines at risk?

We have all seen through the media the devastating effect of the Japanese earthquake, subsequent tsunami and the human tragedy that has been left in their wake. We have no TR people at risk in this area, but our thoughts and prayers are with the Japanese people and their continued suffering.

Inevitably once the scale of the disaster became known, with  the closure of facilities due to lack of power, lack of fuel or worse, customers have been contacting us to ask if their supply lines are at risk.

TR Group Purchasing has been proactive and we have contacted all of our vendor base to:

Ask them to advise us of any issues arising from the Japanese catastrophe, and if so detail what these are and the impact to us:

Confirm their current lead times and if this is impacted in any way.

We have very few Japanese suppliers, as much of our  product is from our own manufacturing plants in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and China, or TR approved vendors in Asia who use non Japanese material sources.

We will endeavour to answer any specific concerns you may have, but in the meantime can you assess the accuracy of your forecast and schedules. This is important as  companies will seek to resource away from Japan until some degree of normality returns. This will put additional pressure on Asian vendors in particular. We want to ensure that our stocks are even more carefully monitored during this time and that our order cover is adequate. Please talk to your local TR contact if you have any adjustments you would like to make.

As this is an uncertain and continually evolving situation, regular updates will be posted on the TR website and

Assuring you of our full support during this difficult time.

Yours faithfully

For TR fastenings Ltd

Glenda Roberts

Group Sales Director