K - Series Nuts 

Materials and Finishes:

Steel/Zinc & Clear

Stainless Steel/Self Finish - (available on request)

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Note: Due to the fact that fastening applications differ greatly, the below information is for guidance only and is correct to the best of our knowledge. The customer must satisfy themselves with the performance of the fastener and validity of the data. TR Fastenings will not be held responsible for any failure that may occur from the use of this information.

Dimension data
Dimensional Data
SizeMaterial ThicknessAcross Flats A/F in mmHole Diameter d Ø in mmd1 Ø in mmd2 Ø in mm  Spigot Length TR Part  Number     
h in mm h 1 in mm
M2.515.5+/- -0.134.7+/-0.133+/-0.130.9+0.00 -0.13M2.5 - -1ST TC1 Standard Spigot Ex-Stock
M315.5+/- -0.13 4.7+/-0.133+/-0.130.9+0.00 -0.13M3 - -1ST TC1
M417+/- -0.13 5.7+/-0.133.2+/-0.130.9+0.00 -0.13M4 - -1ST TC1
M518+/-  -0.13 6.75+/-0.134+/-0.130.9+0.00 -0.13M5 - -1ST TC1
M6110+/- 0.188+0.05  -0.13 8.3+/-0.135+/-0.130.9+0.00 -0.13M6 - -1ST TC1
M8213+/-0.131010+0.05  -0.15 10.3+/-0.156.5+/-0.151.8+0.00 -0.15M8 - -2ST TC1
M10215+/-0.1312.512.5+0.05 -0.1512.85+/-0.158+/-0.151.8+0.00 -0.15M10 - -2ST TC1
M12317+/-0.1514.514.5+0.05  -0.15 14.85+/-0.1510+/-0.152.8+0.00 -0.15M12 - -3ST TC1
M16322+/-0.2018.518.5+0.05  -0.20 18.85+/-0.2013+/-0.202.4+0.00 -0.15M16 - -3ST TC1
M20427+/-0.202323+0.05  -0.20 23.4+/-0.2016+/-0.203.9+0.00 -0.20M20 - -4ST TC1
M2.51.55.5+/- -0.134.7+/-0.133+/-0.131.4+0.00 -0.13M2.5 -1.5ST TC1 Intermediate Spigot Ex-Stock
M31.55.5+/- -0.134.7+/-0.133+/-0.131.4+0.00 -0.13M3 - 1.5ST TC1
M41.57+/- -0.135.7+/-0.133.2+/-0.131.4+0.00 -0.13M4 - 1.5ST TC1
M51.58+/- -0.136.75+/-0.134+/-0.131.4+0.00 -0.13M5 - 1.5ST TC1
M61.510+/-0.188+0.05 -0.138.3+/-0.135+/-0.131.4+0.00 -0.13M6 - 1.5ST TC1
M2.525.5+/- -0.134.7+/-0.133+/-0.131.8+0.00 -0.13M2.5 - -2ST TC1 Long Spigot Ex-Stock
M325.5+/- -0.134.7+/-0.133+/-0.131.8+0.00 -0.13M3 - -2ST TC1
M427+/- -0.135.7+/-0.134.5+/-0.131.8+0.00 -0.13M4 - -2ST TC1
M528+/- -0.136.75+/-0.135+/-0.131.8+0.00 -0.13M5 - -2ST TC1
M6210+/-0.188+0.05 -0.138.3+/-0.135+/-0.131.8+0.00 -0.13M6 - -2ST TC1


Further information

Product Features

A small range of sizes to suit most applications

M2.5 - M20 sizes ex-stock

No special tooling required

One head style - Hexagon

Three spigot lengths available ex-stock: Standard, Intermediate & Long

High torsional resistance

High pullout resistance

Zinc Plated (CR3) as standard

Stainless Steel supplied to order

Stock ready for immediate despatch

New Harder Grade

Material: C1022 Carbon Steel

Case hardened to a minimum of Hv0.3 610

Tested to ISO 898

Preferred range
Preferred Range
Material Thickness mm11STSTSTSTST    
3       STST

ST - Steel, Zinc & Clear

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