Nylon Round Threaded Spacer (Cross)

Screw Threaded Series: Nylon Round Male/Male Spacer

Type: Round Circuit Board Supports

Styles: Male / Male

Material: Nylon 6/6 V2 / TMS 001

Colour: Black / Natural

Unit: mm

Bottom Thickness: See table for thread size “Inch“

Please note: samples available upon request, please email sales@trfastenings.com with your requirements. 

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Technical Information:

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Material Specification

Technical Information

Dimension data
Dimensional Data
Part NumberColourB"L“" Inch"
TRCBS-TMM - 4 - 01BN7.66.4#6-32
TRCBS-TMM - 6 - 01BN7.69.5#6-32
TRCBS-TMM - 8 - 01BN7.612.7#6-32
TRCBS-TMM - 10 - 01BN7.615.9#6-32
TRCBS-TMM - 12 - 01BN7.619.1#6-32
TRCBS-TMM - 14 - 01BN7.622.2#6-32
TRCBS-TMM - 16 - 01BN7.625.4#6-32

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