Smart Fasteners for a SMARTtill

TR Fastenings Provides Bespoke Solutions for Cash Bases’ Customised Cash Drawers

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A global manufacturer and distributor of industrial fastenings, TR Fastenings has positioned itself as a market leader with one particular product range – sheet metal fasteners. 

From Hank Self-Clinch, Hank Rivet Bushes, weld nuts and weld studs, to blind rivets, K-nuts, cage and swage nuts, these versatile components form the core of TR’s extensive portfolio and are used across numerous sectors, including medical equipment, marine, electronics, automotive, telecommunications and general engineering.

TR Fastenings works with many market leaders in these industries, such as Cash Bases, based in Newhaven in East Sussex, which manufacture customised cash drawers. The relationship between TR and Cash Bases dates back over two decades, and TR not only supplies suitable fasteners and fixings but provides technical advice and support with the research and development of new products, such as the newly launched SMARTtill system.

The SMARTtill is set to revolutionise cash management in the retail industry and has been readily adopted by Tesco, which recently placed orders for 11,400 for use in its Tesco Extra and Superstore outlets. The till offers automated cash management technology and monitors point-of-sale transactions in real time. It also enables the retailer to monitor the cash flows of any given till, ensuring adequate change values are available and alerting management when cash levels reach minimum or maximum values, ultimately leading to a more seamless customer experience.

With such high demand expected for these ‘intelligent’ cash drawers, Cash Bases required the latest process technology and so, following TR Fastenings’ advice, has invested in the new Haeger 824 Window Touch 4E, which features easy and fast tooling set up and retrieval, an auto feed system (feeding 40 plus fasteners a minute) and an advanced logic insertion system.  Distributed in the UK by Shear-Form, the new press has halved production time, according to Phil Gibbs, Factory Manager at Cash Bases.

“TR Fastenings is far more than just a supplier,” Gibbs adds. “Its extensive product and technical knowledge enables us to work together at every stage, from product design to the production line.  We’ve built up a strong relationship with TR over the past 20 years and we look forward to continuing working closely with them in the future.”

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