Technical Support Section

TR Fastenings technical support section provides key engineering and design data including: 

Fastener Assembly & Performance - Includes torque data, pre-load & tightening info, pressure data and more.

Installation Guidelines - For clinch fasteners, self tapping screws, rivet bushes, screws for plastics and other fasteners.

Thread Geomoetry - Includes different thread sizes and conversion tables.

Terminology & Glossary - Glossary of terms A-Z.

Engineering Tables - Conversion factors and tables, and comparison tables and equivalents.

Materials - Information on different materials available.

Fastener Surface Finishes - Information on the different finishes available.

DIN/ISO/BS Charts - General fastener standards.

Joint Design Guides - Design guidelines for joints.

Animation Library - Installation animations for threadlocking products, sheet metal fasteners and fasteners for plastics.

Conversion Calculator - Tool to convert units of measurement.