July 2010 - TR Takes the risk out of procurement

TR Fastenings has achieved further recognition of its established global footprint that enables buyers to centralise their purchasing and virtually eliminate the risks in procurement of fasteners and fixings.

The company is now fully registered as an approved supplier of fastenings and fixings on the Achilles Utitilites Vendor Database. It is also approved by the procurement services leader for the rail sector and, for Norwegian markets, as a supplier to the oil and gas industry.

“Achilles’ accreditation is a welcome recognition of the global competency of TR Fastenings,” said Malcolm Diamond, TR’s Chairman.  “We offer world-class manufacturing quality and unrivalled engineering support and service levels across all sectors. We are trusted by businesses ranging from global manufacturers requiring direct line feed to small workshops needing special orders.”

The Achilles Group, headquartered in the UK, and with a presence in 21 other countries across the globe acts as a trusted third party for procurement professionals, identifying, evaluating and monitoring supplier information for over 700 of the world’s biggest companies and organisations.

TR Fastenings is a leading distributor of commodity products, as well as a global manufacturer of niche fastenings. That means that it has its own purchasing expertise and can supply Cat C componentry and consumables competitively. This means that  TR customers can rationalise their vendor databases and reduce internal administrative costs dramatically.