This is TR in Distribution

How TR can deliver industrial fasteners and save you money 

TR distribution – Some customers want products on demand, as and when, some want full service Vendor Managed Inventory. Most want quality accreditations and many want technical support but is there a trade-off between all these demands? - if you prioritise one, does it compromise another? is it possible for a single supplier to be to meet every demand without sacrifice, can the practice match the theory? TR distribution is as much about the process as it is about products. Fastenings are invariably low cost items and yet if they fail, they have the capacity to compromise your product – stringent QC can prevent that. If they’re not delivered on time they can stop your production - clever logistics can avoid that.

Three TR customers explain what’s important to them –This movie clip demonstrates how TR gets products our to our customers, from transactional sales through to full VMI solutions with interviews from Lear, Barlow Sheet Metal and HiTek power.

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