Thread Conversion Tables

Metric to Imperial/Unified

Metric CoarseMetric FineBSF/BSWUNCUNF
M2 x 0.4--1-641-72
M2.5 x 0.45--3-483-56
M3 x 0.5--4-404-48
M3.5 x 0.6--6-326-40
M4 x 0.7--8-328-36
M5 x 0.8--10-2410-32
M6 x 1M6 x 0.751/4™1/4-201/4-28
M8 x 1.25M8 x 15/16™5/16-185/16-24
M10 x 1.5M10 x 1.253/8™3/8-163/8-24
M12 x 1.75M12 x 1.251/2™1/2-131/2-20
M14 x 2M14 x 1.59/16™9/16-129/16-18
M16 x 2M16 x 1.55/8™5/8-115/8-18
M20 x 2.5M20 x 1.53/4™3/4-103/4-16
M24 x 3M24 x 21™1-81-12
M30 x 3.5M30 x 21-1/8™1 1/4-71 1/8-12
M36 x 4M36 x 31-3/8™1 1/2-61 1/4-12

Gauge to metric/inch

No. 01.5240.06
No. 11.8540.073
No. 22.1840.086
No. 32.5150.099
No. 42.8450.112
No. 53.1750.125
No. 63.5050.138
No. 84.1660.164
No. 104.8260.19
No. 125.4840.216

Note: Due to the fact that fastening applications differ greatly, the above information is for guidance only and is correct to the best of our knowledge. The customer must satisfy themselves with the performance of the fastener and validity of the data. TR Fastenings will not be held responsible for any failure that may occur from the use of this information.