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Note: Due to the fact that fastening applications differ greatly, the below information is for guidance only and is correct to the best of our knowledge. The customer must satisfy themselves with the performance of the fastener and validity of the data. TR Fastenings will not be held responsible for any failure that may occur from the use of this information.

Dimension data
Dimensional Data      
Thread sizeL mmB mmC mmN mmK mmRecommended Hole Size Thermoplastics mmRecommended Hole Size Thermosets mm
M2.5*-6.00.586. - 4.14.1  - 4.3
M34*6.00.586. - 4.64.6 - 4.8
M3.56*8.00.737. -5.45.5 - 5.7
M48*8.00.898. - 5.96.0 - 6.2
M510* - 7.27.3-  7.6
M61/4 *14.01.3212. - 8.89.0 - 9.4
M8*5/16 *15.01.3214. - 10.811.0 - 11.4
M10*3/8 *18.01.5716. - 12.813.0 - 13.4

* Non-preferred – please enquire for availability 

Minimum wall thickness can only be advised by pre-production evaluation

Further information

Thread-Sert Information for designers

The Thread-Sert is a self-tapping insert, designed for post mould installation into thermoplastics and thermosets. They are ideally suited to applications which may involve high jack-out loading.


Simple, self-tapping installation

Helps prevent jack-out

High torque resistance

Installation Data

The Thread-Sert is installed by tapping using a hand tool, vertical drill with tapping attachment or standard tapping machine. Max RPM 35-40. Mandrel must not go past slot.

Preferred range
Preferred Range
Thread (d)

BR - Brass, Self Colour

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