The BOMcheck system is a regulatory compliance tool developed by Environ and some of the major Electronics OEMs, Phillips introduced the system to TR. BOMCheck collaborates many compliance areas including REACH, RoHS, Packaging, Batteries and accumulators regs.   

Recently TR sent out Quality and Sustainability Agreements to our suppliers which states our requirement for all suppliers to join the BOMcheck system. So far there has been an encouraging response and many have signed up to the agreement and will now gain membership to BOMcheck.   

TR will soon be able to offer our customers with full material declarations which would be kept up to date direct by the BOMcheck system, potentially saving a lot of time and effort. This is work in progress and currently it may not be possible to use this system on all occasions but with TR's commitment to process improvement it should not be long before we can offer it to all.

Suppliers save time and costs

Expert regulatory guidance

One web system with easy-to-use declaration tool

Improved data quality