A Huge Range of Fasteners Served from Houston, TX

We manufacture, stock and distribute a vast range of industrial fasteners and associated components. A selection of our standard fasteners that we supply throughout the United States is shown below:

Remember, we offer our fasteners in both Metric and Imperial sizes!


Sets, Bolts & Studding

Socket Products



Fasteners to Japanese Standards

Bumax High Strength Stainless


Bonded Seals and O-Rings

Spring Steel Fasteners

Manufacturing Consumables

We also supply our TR Branded Products across the world:

Hank Self Clinch

This range includes the following: Studs, Standoffs, Nuts, Panel Fasteners, Rivet Bushes, Swage Nuts, Weld Products, Cage Nuts and K-Series Nuts.

Binx Self Locking Nuts

This range includes the following: Nylon Insert Nuts, All Metal, Tri-6 Locking, Hank-Loc® locking nuts for sheet metal, Wun-Loc® locking nuts for sheet metal, Wun-Loc® weld nuts and Tri-5 Locking Nuts.

Brass Inserts & Screw For Plastics

These ranges include the following: 

Brass Inserts: Tech-Sert, Sonic-Sert, Press-Sert, Fin-Sert, Heat-Sert, Thread-Sert, Broaching-Sert, Expansion-Sert and Flow-Sert Inserts.

Screws: Plas-Tech®30 and Plas-Fix® 45 screws

TR Security Fasteners

This range includes the following: Pan Head Machine, Counstersunk Head, Pan Head Self Tapper and Countersunk Head Self Tapper Screws. Also includes a selection of TR Security Bolts and Nuts.

Micro-Diameter Fasteners

This range includes the following: Machine Screws, Thread Forming Screws, Socket Products, Nuts, Washers and Security Fasteners.


Contact our multi-lingual team for further information: 800-280-2181 or usa@trfastenings.com


From our distribution center in Houston, TX we offer our a full range of fasteners.


We have many years of experience within the fastener industry and our friendly team are on hand to assist you