TR Southern Fasteners Products

Standard fasteners (nuts, bolts, screws, washers, and more) in steel, stainless steel and brass.

TR branded products including self-clinch fasteners, screws and inserts for plastic, security fasteners and thread-locking nuts.

Studbolts, manufactured to order on-site in Mallow.

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Standard Fasteners

We stock and supply a vast range of standard fasteners to DIN, ISO & ANSI standards including: Machine screws, self-tapping screws, thread forming screws, socket products, nuts and washers.

TR Branded Products

Our own range of fastener solutions for specific industries and applications, including:

Fasteners for sheet metal such as Hank self clinch, fasteners for plastic, security fasteners, thread-locking nuts and micro-diameter fasteners from M0.6.

Stud Bolts

We are the market leader for petro-chemical studbolts and have our own manufacturing facility on-site in Mallow for production and supply.

    Large stockists of B7, 4.6, A2, S/S Studbolts in both metric and imperial
    Large stockists of B8, B8T, 8.8, A4 S/S in both metric and imperial
    Manufactured as per customer requirements

Special Manufacture

Our factories in Europe and Asia produce bar turned and cold formed fasteners from 0.6mm diameter up to 12mm diameter specifically to customer drawing.

Our global network of approved sub-contractors allows us to offer practically any size of turned, cold-formed, pressed or moulded components. We can supply components in stainless steel/steel, aluminium, brass and many exotic materials such as titanium.

PCB Hardware & Cable Management

New plastic products range for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) hardware and Cable Management requirements. 

Plastic fasteners and fixings are set to be a core part of TR’s expansive product portfolio, with a comprehensive range available, on demand and competitively priced.

Other Components

For customers we supply via a Vendor Managed Inventory system such as Direct Line Feed, we can include non-fastener products as part of the supply agreement. We can supply practically any high-volume, low-cost component including:

Cables, clips, plastic parts, connectors, switches, springs, batteries, hinges, levers, handles, brackets, hooks, pins, keys, spacers and stays plus much more.