Fastener Industry & Product Updates

Taiwan fastener lead times hit by tighter environmental controls

Some fastener heat treatment and coating plants are failing to meet new more stringent Taiwanese environmental controls. As a result plants are either being closed or having to operate at reduced throughput.

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Hydrogen embrittlement a cause for concern

Engineers know hydrogen embrittlement is a bad thing. However, ask many to explain what it is and how to avoid it, and you may be met by silence.

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Shanghai CEO Summit attracts 200 strong audience

The 2013 Global Fastener Industry CEO Summit, staged on the first day of the Fastener Expo Shanghai, fielded six keynote speakers and attracted an audience of more than 200 senior industry managers from the US, Canada, India and Singapore as well as China.

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TR Fastenings Advises Manufacturers to Prepare for RoHS 2

With the European Commission formally adopting an extension to the Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive, many more electronic devices will be impacted by the strict new regulations on the use of heavy metals and dangerous chemicals. 

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New Legislation Changes!

As part of our ongoing commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, we monitor any upcoming changes in legislation. There are currently two changes underway, which will have a notable impact

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German fastener importer convicted of anti dumping fraud.

German Customs authorities have issued a news release confirming that a businessman in the Baden-Weurttemburg area has received a 21 month suspended prison sentence following conviction at the Stuttgart District Court for commercial smuggling and document fraud.

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After the Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami, TR Fastenings addresses the question - Are your supply lines at risk?

We have all seen through the media the devastating effect of the Japanese earthquake, subsequent tsunami and the human tragedy that has been left in their wake. We have no TR people at risk in this area, but our thoughts and prayers are with the Japanese people and their continued suffering.

November 2010 - This is TR

This movie clip demonstrates how TR gets our products to our customers, from transactional sales through to full VMI solutions with interviews from Lear, Barlow Sheet Metal and HiTek power. 

July 2010 - TR Takes the risk out of procurement

TR Fastenings has achieved further recognition of its established global footprint that enables buyers to centralise their purchasing and virtually eliminate the risks in procurement of fasteners and fixings.

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