New Legislation Changes

As part of our ongoing commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, we monitor any upcoming changes in legislation. There are currently two changes underway, which will have a notable impact:

RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances).

The new RoHS legislation now includes products where not only the” primary” function, but also any ”intended” function requiring electric currents or electromagnetic fields, needs to be compliant. There are also changes to exemption details, and a change from Due diligence to Due care, including manufacturer CE marking requirements. Further information is available from

Construction Products Regulations.

The Construction Products Regulation, is placing a CE marking requirement on all Construction Products, also any company supplying relevant product under an OWN BRAND effectively takes on the extensive responsibilities of a manufacturer, including the responsibility for the CE marking. Further information is available from

In order to allow a smooth transition please take the time to read our letter to our customers addressing our preparations. 

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