Torque Calculator for Steel Screws

Designed according to VDI 2230 guidelines  The Excel program allows the user to calculate tightening and preload torques for all classes of steel screws.

How to use

Open  the program  by clicking the link below 

Enter the torque scatter for your tooling in the top left. It is already set at 17% (which is standard for commercial torque wrenches) 

Automatically torque figures are generated for all sizes and finishes 

If you want to view one size or finish only use the dropdown arrows at the top of these columns. The calculator has already been pre-set with the correct coefficients of friction (e.g. Zinc=0.125)

Notes:  This calculator is the copyright of TR Fastenings Ltd and must not be altered or re-distributed without their express consent.

Download the file here

You must have Excel installed on your computer in order to open this program

Note: Due to the fact that fastening applications differ greatly, the above information is for guidance only and is correct to the best of our knowledge. The customer must satisfy themselves with the performance of the fastener and validity of the data. TR Fastenings will not be held responsible for any failure that may occur from the use of this information.