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The highest quality fasteners, across the USA. From our distribution center in Houston, TX we offer our a full range of fasteners, available in both Unified and Metric sizes serving all walks of industry throughout the USA and Mexico. 

TR is a ‘full service provider’. This means that by working with our customers from the early engineering & design stage, through to specification, manufacturing, quality and logistics, we are able to significantly reduce our customers’ costs by streamlining processes and driving down assembly prices.

Many of our customers have specific needs in product, delivery and quality requirements. Our job is to meet these needs through the extent of our product range and internal processes. We’ve been doing this successfully, supplying over 5000 companies from all types of industries around the globe, for over 40 years.

TR in Industry

We supply product and services to a range of industries including: 
Telecoms | Electronics | Automotive | Computing | Oil & Gas | Technology | General Industrial

Vendor Managed Inventory

Getting high-volume, low-cost components from the supplier to the production line involves administration. This can add considerably to the total in-place cost of the parts. Our logistical supply systems can practically eliminate these administration processes and reduce the customer's overall costs.

Each system we install is tailored to the customer's individual needs and can range from a simple KanFax system to full Direct Line Feed for very high volume users.

We offer our VMI systems throughout the USA and Mexico - please enquire for further information

Global Manufacturing

Our global manufacturing locations produce over 6 billion components a year. If you need it, we can get it. 

Why not view our extensive fastener range and discover how we can help you today. 



Contact our multi-lingual team for further information: 800-280-2181 or

Houston Fastener Range

From standard machine screws, to self clinch fasteners, we can ship your components from Houston direct to you


We have many years of experience within the fastener industry and our friendly team are on hand to assist you