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Part numberFinishMaterialLengthThread
W-M3-25-HHHTSC-TY1Zinc & YellowHT Steel25mmM3
W-M4-25-HHHTSC-TY1Zinc & YellowHT Steel25mmM4
W-M5-25-HHHTSC-TY1Zinc & YellowHT Steel25mmM5
W-M6-25-HHHTSC-TY1Zinc & YellowHT Steel25mmM6
W-M8-25-HHHTSC-TY1Zinc & YellowHT Steel25mmM8
W-M10-25-HHHTSC-TY1Zinc & YellowHT Steel25mmM10
W-M12-25-HHHTSC-TY1Zinc & YellowHT Steel25mmM12
W-M14-25-HHHTSC-TY1Zinc & YellowHT Steel25mmM14
W-M16-25-HHHTSC-TY1Zinc & YellowHT Steel25mmM16
W-M18-25-HHHTSC-TY1Zinc & YellowHT Steel25mmM18
W-M20-25-HHHTSC-TY1Zinc & YellowHT Steel25mmM20
W-M22-25-HHHTSC-TY1Zinc & YellowHT Steel25mmM22
W-M24-25-HHHTSC-TY1Zinc & YellowHT Steel25mmM24
W-M27-25-HHHTSC-TY1Zinc & YellowHT Steel25mmM27
W-M30-25-HHHTSC-TY1Zinc & YellowHT Steel25mmM30