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Part numberTypeColourMaterialLength
W-TRSP1-16-01NType 1NaturalNylon 6/6 V225.4
W-TRSP1-16-19NType 1NaturalNylon 6/6 V025.4
W-TRSP1-16-01BType 1BlackNylon 6/6 V225.4
W-TRSP1-16-19BType 1BlackNylon 6/6 V025.4
W-TRSP2-16-01NType 2NaturalNylon 6/6 V225.4
W-TRSP2-16-19NType 2NaturalNylon 6/6 V025.4
W-TRSP2-16-01BType 2BlackNylon 6/6 V225.4
W-TRSP2-16-19BType 2BlackNylon 6/6 V025.4
W- TRSP3-16-01NType 3NaturalNylon 6/6 V225.4
W- TRSP3-16-19NType 3NaturalNylon 6/6 V025.4
W- TRSP3-16-01BType 3BlackNylon 6/6 V225.4
W- TRSP3-16-19BType 3BlackNylon 6/6 V025.4